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This is a page of the facilitators that are available for you to meet with. These FLY Facilitators have completed the Facilitator course of study and are ready to help you effectively apply the FLY Model.

Jeanne Larson

Jeanne has had the privilege of working for two advanced brain clinics that treat difficult neuro health challenges with neuroplastic change. She has come to know that as amazing and advanced as these therapies are they can be undone by our own beliefs and maps around what has happened. Jeanne sought to help one of her five children, being drawn to the FLY model she quickly realized that if success and healing were to happen it would have to start with her. This transformation has led her to teach families of estrangement. To give hope that not only is healing possible, but amazing joy and happiness that comes when families grow together.

Jenika Fiso

My name is Jenika Fiso, and I live in Utah County. I used the FLY program to help me with my anxiety since the medication and other methods I tried before didn't help me get the results I wanted. After I had my baby in September 2022, I was told I was at high risk for PPD. I used the model and the FLY program to help me navigate through the hard moments shortly after my baby's birth, and I was able to transition back into my full-time job a little bit easier. I love outdoor activities and connecting with nature around me. I also enjoy physical activities like running and yoga. I want to help other women and mothers find themselves again and overcome mental struggles surrounding postpartum depression/anxiety.

Wendy O'Leary

Wendy has been working as a professional mental health advocate and family peer support since 2007. She has helped hundreds of people navigate a broken mental health system, has been trained in multiple modalities and programs to help support recovery and wellness. She now embraces the F.L.Y. Neuro-wellness Program as one of the most beneficial ways to support those who are struggling with mental health challenges.

Leesa Gray

Leesa Gray is the founder of Think and Grow Healthy. She is a certified Health Coach, through Vibrant Living Academy. She also holds certifications as a Knowbrainerz Facilitator and as a FLY practitioner. Leesa is passionate about the body and the divine truth within each of us.

Christa Cooper

For decades Christa had walked around in a state of unforgiveness as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The FLY model gave her the tools to connect with a profound forgiveness and love that has initiated change in ways she never imagined possible. It has elevated her to a space where in any given situation, when she's practicing it, she now sees opportunity where there seemed to be none in the past. Christa has a love for life and a sense of gratitude for all it brings to her.

The FLY model makes every day a reason to celebrate. She loves, accepts, respects and honors herself and sees others with that same respect and approaches them with an unconditional love and concern that increases every time she uses the model in her life. Every day she uncovers more of herself and better ways to serve. Because of FLY Christa now thrives.

Julia Zafiratos

This is Julia Kellerstrass, she is 24 and married. Julia was diagnosed with seizures when I was 6 1/2. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her brain so they put her on medication. Most medications didn’t work so she’s done many other things such as, herbs, homeopathic remedies, therapists, medical marijuana, Keto diet, and many more things!

She knew something was missing in her life! 18 years later she thought she was gaining control of them but things got worse! She was depressed, had suicidal thoughts, had OCD, had high anxiety, and had panic attacks! She was stuck on the couch, LITERALLY! Click below to see more of Juila's Story!

Cynthia Armstrong

Cynthia Armstrong has over a decade of experience working with families in the general & special education setting. In her personal life she has struggled with anxiety, depression and self harm among other things. ​

Before learning the FLY model Cynthia had asked her husband for a divorce and her teenage children had many struggles. After learning the FLY model Cynthia finds joy in her now close knit family and is quickly moving towards her dream life. Cynthia is located in the Sandy/Salt Lake area. Cynthia works with people who are struggling with themselves, their children, or other relationships. Cynthia invites you, “If you feel stuck, disconnected, not sure how to help your children or uncertain why you feel so unhappy when you have what you wanted, reach out and connect with me.”

Anna Wilden

This is Anna Willden!

She met with LaMonte and Mckelle 3 years ago and went from feeling depressed and hopeless to understanding her brain and knowing with confidence that her life would never be the same.

She read self-development books, watched motivational speakers, and met with a counselor but nothing clicked fully for her until this program.

She has been coaching with the FLY model for the past 3 years and she loves seeing the transformations in her clients.

See her Podcast here

and her Instagram here.

Amy Turner

Amy is passionate about empowering and serving others. She has always had a tender heart for those who have struggled emotionally and mentally and has lots of experience in working with those who struggle with those challenges. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services. Amy has worked at several teenage group homes, daycares and pre-schools, and was a family support worker. She did some practicums with Child Protective Services and Foster Care. She also has training in energy work and went through the NAMI program.

Amy has struggled with anxiety and depression throughout her life. She's done many things that have helped, but when she found the FLY program, it totally changed her life in a completely different way. FLY took her to a higher level. Amy has overcome many blocks and triggers through this program. She truly is becoming herself more and more. She feels a lot more peace, confidence, and joy inside. She's excited to be a facilitator since the program has served her so much. She desires to share it with others and help them also.

Tina Martinez

Tina has a love for the different kinds of seasons. Rather it is snow, rain, or sunshine Tina feels it is up to each of us to choose if we are going to like what kind of day it is outside. You will often hear Tina state this quote when someone is feeling down about the weather outside. "The Lord has painted a brand new picture for each of us today. Think of it."

Each new day he has painted a new picture just for you and me. All you and I have to do is go to the window and look out and see what kind of picture God has painted for us this day. Isn't that amazing?" Family is important to Tina. You can tell this as she spends time helping others with their Family History. She has been helping others with their own Family History for about 8 years. She spends hours of her own time serving others with the gift and talents she has been blessed with. As Tina helps others with their Family History they oftentimes will tell her stories about their ancestors that have passed on. She cherishes those special moments as she sits listening and watching these dear friends tell her about their heritage.

Natalie Bessinger

Natalie is a blessed wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. She studied health education, fitness and nutrition in school and has worked as a health educator and nutritionist. She now lives with her family in the same little town she grew up in and loves small town life. She is a survivor of cancer and a major traumatic brain injury. Hiking, yoga, camping, hunting and fly fishing are some of her favorite ways to spend her time, especially with her family. She has a passion for helping others achieve health and healing and is so grateful to have found the FLY program, which has been life-changing in helping her through personal struggles with marriage & parenting, family relationships, mental health, self doubt and fear. She is excited for the opportunity to share what she has discovered through the FLY model to help you thrive and truly Fulfill Life Yourself!

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Talia Riley

Talia Riley is an enthusiastic faith-based speaker and member of the National Speaking Association.
She is the author of The Food Freedom Factor: 53 Tips to Free Yourself from Overeating when in Emotional Pain, and Self-Control Around Food.

She is wife to TJ (of almost 25 years), a podcaster, a Youtuber and media personality, and FLY facilitator. Talia is passionate about sharing her powerful transformational story of gaining and losing 80 lbs. five times in her life and her struggle with infertility.

She shares how she endured 10 pregnancies to get her four kids who range from age 19-3. Talia offers her Food Freedom courses online and is a coach to women to retrain their brain and have self-love.

She inspires all when she shares how she learned to surrender her control, and through that process how her babies came in her 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Learn more at and

Christine Wesemann

I was born and raised in Idaho and attended Ricks College ( BYU Idaho). I’ve been married for 35 years to a wonderful husband. I have 6 children and 4 grandchildren.

My passions include spending time with grandkids, teaching yoga, and golf, and serving in the Utah State prison as a religious volunteer. I am constantly seeking for ways to improve myself and build and strengthen relationships. I was so excited when I found the FLY program- it has been life-changing for me, and I am excited to share it with everyone.

Patrice Hiskey

Patrice Hiskey is a mother of 4 and has been married to her high school sweetheart for over 15 years. She spent years struggling with physical and mental health issues. She has and is still utilizing traditional and functional medicine to heal and adding the FLY model has increased the capacity to heal so much more! She believes healing or bettering yourself in any aspect of your life is a journey and a lifestyle, and learning to 'fulfill life yourself' is amazing! It can take you to new heights! She has used the program to help with relationships, anxieties, leading, and so much more. In her spare time she loves being outdoors and spending time with her family.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn to 'Fulfill Life Yourself' and truly FLY - Patrice

Suzette Rose

Suzette has dealt with many physical and emotional challenges and has done extensive research in understanding how the brain works. She was bedridden with Fibromyalgia for 14 years and has dealt with anxiety, depression, and complex PTSD. She has combined many different natural supplements & modalities as well as essential oils to supplement her immune system and increase her well-being.

By adding the FLY module to her other routines, Suzette has seen great improvement in her ability to be in the moment and stay present when she is fully immersed in living life out of bed. Learning to manage our emotions by asking ourselves the deeper questions of why we do what we do so we can change things at the root level is self-mastery in motion. Emotions and the energy surrounding them is a magnificent concept and Suzette has seen miracles happen when she learns to understand and manage her emotions with herself and others so she can change within and have realistic expectations of what life is wanting to teach her.

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