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LaMonte Wilcox


Author of NAAP, A Guide for Mental Wellness

As an organization, FLY teaches facilitators the latest discoveries in neuroscience and psychology by creating the FLY model which transcends previous methods to replace mental health struggles with true life fulfillment.

McKelle Kiser (Wilcox)


Spokeswoman for FLY

McKelle has experienced the life changing power of FLY in her own life. She joined her father LaMonte and now teaches therapists, social workers, healers, health/life coaches, and parents the effective benefits of the FLY model. McKelle has been able to help hundreds identify and solve the core issues around their personal sufferings and experience true life fulfillment. The removal of suffering has been immeasurable!

Cynthia Armstrong

Cynthia Armstrong has over a decade of experience working with families in the general & special education setting. In her personal life she has struggled with anxiety, depression and self harm among other things. ​

Before learning the FLY model Cynthia had asked her husband for a divorce and her teenage children had many struggles. After learning the FLY model Cynthia finds joy in her now close knit family and is quickly moving towards her dream life. Cynthia is located in the Sandy/Salt Lake area. Cynthia works with people who are struggling with themselves, their children, or other relationships. Cynthia invites you, “If you feel stuck, disconnected, not sure how to help your children or uncertain why you feel so unhappy when you have what you wanted, reach out and connect with me.”

Jared St. Clair

Jared St. Clair is an enthusiastic herbalist, natural supplement formulator and Radio and podcast host. Jared began his career at the very young age of 7 as he shadowed his parents in their health store, which he purchased at 22.

Jared has owned Vitality Nutrition in Bountiful, Utah for nearly 30 years now. Through one on one interaction with his clients at Vitality along with countless hours of research, he is nationally recognized as a leader in the industry. He has developed effective protocols for many of the most common health concerns including digestive health, depression, anxiety, immune dysfunction, hormone balance, and even women's hair loss.

Jared has hosted his own radio shows and podcasts since 2008. His shows takes a close look at flaws found in the modern health care industry, government overreach in our health decisions, and discusses natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and more

Leesa Gray

Leesa Gray is the founder of Think and Grow Healthy. She is a certified Health Coach, through Vibrant Living Academy. She also holds certifications as a Knowbrainerz Facilitator and as a FLY practitioner. Leesa is passionate about the body and the divine truth within each of us.

Michelle Glaittli

Michelle graduated from the U of U in Exercise and Sport Science, with an emphasis in pedagogy. She has taught and coached at East High, Highland High, U of U through the DCE, Collage of Southern Nevada, and has Coached in private Gyms through out Utah and currently teaching Gym-Dance n her own studio. She is a Program Director for Dr. Nedley's Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program and is an NAAP certified coach teaching classes in emotional vitality and breath work.

Christa Cooper

For decades Christa had walked around in a state of unforgiveness as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The FLY model gave her the tools to connect with a profound forgiveness and love that has initiated change in ways she never imagined possible. It has elevated her to a space where in any given situation, when she's practicing it, she now sees opportunity where there seemed to be none in the past. Christa has a love for life and a sense of gratitude for all it brings to her.

The FLY model makes every day a reason to celebrate. She loves, accepts, respects and honors herself and sees others with that same respect and approaches them with an unconditional love and concern that increases every time she uses the model in her life. Every day she uncovers more of herself and better ways to serve. Because of FLY Christa now thrives.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel's struggle with health and addictive patterns created a personal journey of learning through experience. In the search for answers to heal, she gained knowledge about nutrition, gut and brain health, and changing ineffective behavioral patterns. Her formal education and certifications built a foundation that enables her to help others reframe old patterns, rewire their brain, and create habits to better health. She is certified as a Holistic Health coach with the Health Coach Institute, and received Nutrition and Healthy Living Certification from Cornell University. She is certified as a NAAP (Neuro Auto-Associative Programming) Facilitator.

Jeanne Larson

Jeanne has had the privilege of working for two advanced brain clinics that treat difficult neuro health challenges with neuroplastic change. She has come to know that as amazing and advanced as these therapies are they can be undone by our own beliefs and maps around what has happened. Jeanne sought to help one of her five children, being drawn to the FLY model she quickly realized that if success and healing were to happen it would have to start with her. This transformation has led her to teach families of estrangement. To give hope that not only is healing possible, but amazing joy and happiness that comes when families grow together.

MarySue Wilden

About ten years ago, MarySue became passionate about learning how to help her family navigate mental health struggles.
She not only learned powerful truths and tools that helped her family, but her passion became my purpose! She became certified in several different coaching modalities and has been blessed to help many others in their emotional, mental challenges.

MarySue’s credentials include a degree in Psychology (BYU), certified neuro-wellness facilitator (Fulfill Life Yourself©) and certified energy therapist (As You Think You Are ©).
I have training in Neuro Auto-Associative Programming (NAAP), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Lingual Programming) and The Emotion Code.




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